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Turf Services

Let us help you maintain your beautiful yard...

Behind every outstanding landscape is a team of service professionals with the tools and experience to help you become the envy of the neighborhood. We know how important your lawn is to you. That’s why we’ve created the best lawn service plans available in the business.

First and foremost Turf Science believes that lawn care is a partnership.  Proper cultural practices, especially mowing and watering are absolutely the most critical factor for maintaining a healthy lawn. Understanding the watering restrictions within your area is key.  To help you with your research we recommend visiting the following websites:

St. Johns Water Management District

Florida-Friendly Landscaping

We provide a simple and structured program for our customers. Each scheduled lawn service covers the four major areas of concern listed below.

1. Lawn Fertilizers - Properly timed granular or liquid treatments that will provide you a thick and healthy lawn.  The primary nutrients in our fertilizers are nitrogen and potassium.  In addition to these elements, we add much needed minor elements, including iron, into our treatments.

2. Broadleaf and Sedge Weed Control - Uniquely tailored and appropriate treatments that will help control over 100 types of broadleaf and sedge weeds without damage to your lawn. 

3. Insect Control - Timely and accurately applied insect controls that will kill chinch bugs, webworms and other surface feeders as well as mole crickets and other turf damaging insects.

Lawn Disease Control - Uniquely tailored treatments as needed, along with best practices for prevention being performed by the homeowner.

Our turf services consists of twelve scheduled treatments per calendar year.  Our time tested blend of lawn care products and nutrients are applied according to the seasons and weather patterns of Northeast Florida.

Schedule your appointment today by either giving us a call at (904) 730-4688 or completing the free estimate page on this website.


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